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Oregon Fishermen's Cable Committee

Last 2017 port meeting for Trawler Captains, Crews, and Managers (draggers, shrimpers, whiting) is in Seattle, NWFSC Montlake Auditorium before the NOAA Pre-Season Hake meeting, date TBD - probably early May. It starts at noon and lunch is provided. We'll give you information on new cable projects going in this year. Drawings for $300, $200, and $100 gift cards from Cabela's and Englund Marine Supply from all the entries at all the port meetings will be held. We hope you will attend! For more information, please call our office at (503) 325-2285, Scott at (503) 440-3569, or email us at staff@ofcc.com.


Randy Layman, winner of GPS EPIRB donated by TE SubCom, manufacturer and installer of cables for this year's projects off the Oregon coast.





FASTER Cable Completed

The OFCC and Google began working on a route for the FASTER cable in July 2014. As part of this process, Google and OFCC reps worked with fishermen on their trawlers in Charleston to design the route to maximize burial in the fishing grounds by using the local knowledge of the trawl fleet. This was highly effective, as the route resulted in good burial through the trawl fishing grounds out to over 800 fms. Google continues to work closely with and has good relations with the OFCC.
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New Cross Pacific Cable

The NCP cable, slated to be ready for service at the end of 2017, will span more than 13,000 km and extend from Pacific City to Japan, Korea, two points in China, and Taiwan.
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Hawaiki Submarine Cable

Hawaiki Submarine Cable USA LLC joined the OFCC on October 14th, 2016, becoming the eighth submarine cable owner, joining General Communications, Inc. (GCI), Alaska Communications (ACS)...
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The Oregon Fishermen's Cable Committee is an association of concerned Oregon commercial trawl fishermen who have negotiated cooperative agreements with fiber optic cable companies to protect the integrity of the fiber optic network and the fishing grounds.

Since its inception, the committee works to follow the goals of its charter - to facilitate communication, coordination and cooperation between the fishing industry and the submarine cable industry and to inform the fishing fleet of appropriate operation procedures.

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